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          The new type of mineral fiber has properties of low thermal conductivity,good flexiblility,low shot content and it is easy to spread.Mainly used for production of break discs,break pads and break drum sheet.
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          Product Introduction
          Detailed parameters


                   JIANGSU REK HIGH-TEC MATERIAL CO.,LTD specializes in researching,manfacturing and selling non-asbestos mineral fiber.The company covers an area of 54000 m2 and annual output is above 20000 tons.

          Reinforced fiber REK-750 is one of our new types mineral fiber.

          It is made of select basalt,grey greenstone,limesstone,marble,metallurgical coke and mixed with a percentage of the composites.This fiber is non-asbestos reinforced fiber,been melted at 1350℃ high temperature by furnace,through tecniques like spinning,blowing,winnowing cleaner,organic coupling,surface treatment and higt-speed cutting.

          Fiber designed formula is based on friction coefficient,wear rate,impact strength and heat requirements.It is widely used in the production of various kinds of high-performance brake pads,brake disc and brake drum sheet.


          REK-750 As one of new types of reinforced fiber,as well as one of best-selling products,the properties of fiber are high tempaerature resistent and reinforce.Besides,it still has the advantages as below:

          No dust: neither itch nor allergy when mixing the material,no rising dust when mixing ,environmental workshop

          Innovative production techology: reinforce fiber flexibilty,improve fiber dispersion,control shot content,as low as 0.5%

          Automatic assembly line,quality can be more stable

          The main product we supply are various types of non-asbestos reinforced fiber and ceramic fiber.

          Free samples also can be offered for your testing.Welcome to contract us.





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